LUME Institute:

Illuminating Early Childhood Education

Childhood is changing, but the way children develop is not. When it comes to learning and growing, all children are influenced by biological and psychological factors, and share basic needs. The Lume Institute is developing methodologies that promote a deeper understanding of those needs. Our approach to nurturing children through creativity, psychodynamics, literacy, empathy, compassion, and inclusiveness is based on innovation, insight, and sound theory. The most current neuroscientific research on how genes and environment interact at every step of a child’s brain development validates our work. Modeling our methodologies introduces teachers, administrators, families, and other stakeholders to an integrative program that is transforming early childhood education.

The Lume Institute evolved from the values, philosophy, and methodologies embodied by University City Children’s Center, a non-profit, early childhood education center that serves as a transformative model of quality early care and education. For over 40 years, University City Children’s Center has supported the development of children, families, and teachers. This holistic focus has helped to build a strong, connected community that is dedicated to raising healthy, resilient, and values-driven children. A dynamic symposium hosted by the Lume Institute will focus attention on fundamental issues around early childhood education and emotional development. In this forum, answers to critical questions will be explored:

  • What is the future of early childhood education?
  • How can we ensure that all children have access to quality early childhood experiences and advocates who believe in their potential?
  • What barriers will we encounter in order to help children grow and thrive as individuals?
  • How can we best equip education professionals to implement new paradigms in early childhood education?
  • How do we as educators articulate success?

Dedicated to transforming early childhood education, the Lume Institute promotes innovative thinking, exploration, and knowledge sharing, and develops methodologies that deepen understanding of how children learn and grow.

Upcoming workshops provided by LUME: