What Makes Flance Special?

What Makes Flance Special?

Flance is a brand new, state-of-the-art learning center in downtown St. Louis. We offer children and families a broad range of services and resources that experts agree are critical to promoting child development. 

Our center features:

Playdough Day at Flance!

  • A full-service demonstration kitchen for children and families to learn about healthy eating and cooking habits
  • An adventure playground that encourages physical activity and creativity in play
  • An in-house wellness suite to provide critical preventative services and developmental screenings
  • A community education room that will host workshops on critical parenting topics for both parents and outside childcare providers
  • Rooms designated for moms to nurse their babies

Demonstration Kitchen

Our one-of-a-kind demonstration kitchen is full-service and designed to showcase cooking skills and recipes. Our children sit at the counter and watch cooking demonstrations using fruits and vegetables from our community garden. We also offer healthy cooking and eating tips for families. Cooking workshops are open to all members of the community.     Photo by Jeffrey Pomranka

Health Services

A nurse practitioner from Grace Hill Health Center is available at the Health and Wellness Suite, which offers screenings, vision screenings, dental check-ups, immunizations, and healthy living information. The Suite links families to nearby Grace Hill Health Center, where families can go for full-service care.

The Health and Wellness suite is open to Flance children and families as a way to support the development of healthy children through exceptional preventative services and care. We offer healthy living workshops in our community education room for all families, whether their children are enrolled at Flance or not!